Attractive educational environment for students.

Student center based learning.

Why Us!

What Makes Our School Exceptional

We have a distinguished staff whose primary language is English providing the British Cambridge Curriculum.

We provide innovative sports and educational opportunities.

We use a remarkable academic achievement follow-up strategy to actively monitor pupils' progress.

Sibling discounts are available.

We have a strong focus on teaching the Arabic language and Islamic studies through creative programs.

We have a privileged location near Qatar University.​

About us

Shakespeare International Academy comprises two schools, Primary and Lower-secondary.

The school applies the most advanced techniques to intrigue our students to learn and compete in a challenging modern world. The school provides a safe environment where students can learn, practice, and apply in an interactive manner with a host of capable and well trained teachers.

Our Class Levels


Grades 1 -> 6

Lower secondary

Grades 7 -> 9

Our Values

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Our Events


Workshops and Lectures


Student Feedbacks

Best school ever 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Maya Kachacha
I love the teachers very much and the curriculum is great. I have a lot of information in all fields
Reshma Khan