About Us

About us

Shakespeare International Academy

The school applies the most advanced techniques to intrigue our students to learn and compete in a challenging modern world. The school provides a safe environment where students can learn, practice, and apply in an interactive manner with a host of capable and well trained teachers.

Best Course Content

Practical Learning

Best Teachers

Friendly Environment

Our Vision

We are committed to provide unique and high quality educational services to make a generation that carries knowledge and skill, armed with noble principles, open-minded to other cultures considering all individual differences.

Our Mission

Preparing a generation armed with morals , knowledge and skill , influential in the community.


Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Abrar Alzand

Math Teacher

Ms. Hanan Elzamity

Math Teacher

Ms. Hanan Elzamity

Math Teacher

Ms. Aya Edramzi

ICT Teacher

Ms. Tugba Pekge

English Teacher

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